Friday, October 1, 2010

Other Side of the Rainbow

Captain Kharg and company go in search of paint, and are surprised to see a few familiar faces. Meanwhile, Lunk selflessly takes it upon himself to validate a certain legend concerning rainbows and pots of gold. WARNING! IF YOU READ THIS COMIC WHILE LISTENING TO PINK FLOYD, NOTHING PARTICULARLY PROFOUND WILL HAPPEN! nothing is sacred..not Warlord, not CAV..and now not even Reaper paints. At the time I had a pile of unassembled, unprimed, and unpainted orcs, not to mention a few that needed some touch-up work. Then I was just beginning to learn to paint.

Ironically enough it was about that time that Reaper announced their plans to launch their line of Legendary Encounters pre-painted plastic models.  They had seen my work and were afraid.

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