Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

Dantral gets a good lesson about traditional orc-tactics, while Gurm gets a lesson in mathematics.
Okay..I think WWWAAAAUUUGGGHHH!!! might be a trademark of a certain other game shop I left out one letter and added extra puncutaion.

Also, in old Warlord, a model's melee attack value (MAV) was increased by one if the army it belonged to spent 10% of the points-buy value on a Totem Of Battle. In those days, there was no designated model for that item. It just had to be a certain size, and the suggested totem for orcs was "Skull Throne".  A year or so later I actually made one that was a skull-motif toilet.

As for "Distract"..I think that rule is still in the game. Some players thought it was an odd ability to give an animal model...but apparently they've never owned a dog.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Got Rangers?

Hoping to find the Crusaders before the Crusaders find them, the Orcs send forth their best Ranger. Ogres, however, are not known for their subtle approach to reconnaissance.

In the old Warlord rules, being on a road doubled a model's movement rate, and being a Ranger gave a model a free extra movement at the start of the game.  Somehow the idea of Gurm the Ogre being all stealthy and cowled and brooding and changing his name to Strider kind of makes me giggle though.

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