Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

Dantral gets a good lesson about traditional orc-tactics, while Gurm gets a lesson in mathematics.
Okay..I think WWWAAAAUUUGGGHHH!!! might be a trademark of a certain other game shop I left out one letter and added extra puncutaion.

Also, in old Warlord, a model's melee attack value (MAV) was increased by one if the army it belonged to spent 10% of the points-buy value on a Totem Of Battle. In those days, there was no designated model for that item. It just had to be a certain size, and the suggested totem for orcs was "Skull Throne".  A year or so later I actually made one that was a skull-motif toilet.

As for "Distract"..I think that rule is still in the game. Some players thought it was an odd ability to give an animal model...but apparently they've never owned a dog.

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